Giving Back Around the World

By Robb
Friday, Aug 11th, 2023

One thing that is unique about Wilson Lumber is our ability to give back, not only to our employees or our community - which we do - but also to our world. You may have heard that we adopted a village in Guatemala. Our company and our employees send funds to this village through sponsorships on top of visiting the village three times a year.

But that’s not all we do globally. For instance, we have also been able to help a long-term builder customer with a school in which he has been investing. Norbert Dalizu has been working in the rural western part of Kenya, in an area called Soy, for the last six or seven years. He chose that village because this is where he is originally from, although he’s been building homes in Huntsville, Alabama, for more than 40 years.

Plans for the school there include three new buildings, water tanks, driveways, and the renovation of two older buildings. The first new school building is now complete. These pictures show first and second-graders in the new building.

I am not sure how much Wilson Lumber will be able to help with this as time goes on.

But so far, it’s been an amazing blessing to see progress in different spots around the globe.

There is no shortage of good causes to support. My challenge to you is this: If you can support one, why not support it? It doesn’t have to be in Guatemala or Kenya. Shucks, maybe it’s not even money. Maybe the person next to you is where God is calling you to simply smile and say hello.

People matter. All people, everywhere. What is your way of helping?