Something to Aim At

By Robb
Monday, Nov 20th, 2023

I’ve been involved in several situations where an organization was in some trouble and needed some help. When this happens, it is generally because the leader, or leaders, simply took their eyes off the ball.

Perhaps they lost the passion they once had for the organization. Or in some cases, they get involved in things outside of what the organization is capable of.

In all cases, I believe that one major component of correcting the situation is giving the organization a goal to aim at, some purpose that will unite the people who are involved.

As the old saying goes, if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. These organizations were aimed at nothing. So, if you can point to something, and if that something is worth achieving, you’re on the right track. And what is that something to aim at? Would it be money? A profit number of some sort?

I think about employees of Wilson Lumber who have given their time to go to Guatemala and make a difference in the lives of people there. Or about Wilson Lumber’s involvement in Next Step Farms (and an amazing workday there last month). Or about the company benevolence fund to help employees who find themselves in a tight spot.

These are the things that matter. So when I say it’s important to give an organization something to aim at, I don’t mean a sales or profit goal.

Simon Sinek likens business profit to fuel for a car.

The purpose of a car is not to buy gas, the purpose of a company is not to make money. The purpose of a car is to go somewhere, and fuel helps you get there. The purpose of a company is to accomplish something, to advance a greater cause, to contribute to society, and money will help you get there.

I like profit. I hope we all make lots of it. But money can only serve to help us make a difference in people's lives. That’s our greater cause, the something we are aiming at. Thank you for partnering with us so we can be a company that makes a difference.