The Role of the Leader

By Robb
Monday, Nov 21st, 2022

What is the leader’s job description? Last month I wrote about the owner (or leader) of a company being ‘ridiculously in charge’ of the company culture. So what else is there for the leader?

Well, here I have to make a distinction between business owner and business leader, though the two are often the same person. An owner is, well, the owner. The leader is the one who is in charge. So here, I am talking about the role of the leader.

For context, here are my five roles and responsibilities in the company:

  • Christlike company culture
  • Vision casting
  • Strategic direction
  • New market R&D
  • Key stakeholder relationships

Chances are that this won’t be your exact list. Every leader and organization are a little different. But mine revolves around company culture and long-term direction. It’s not perfect, and I’ll admit I’m not great at all five roles.

So, what is the leader’s job description? It’s a bit of a loaded question because it’s different for every leader. But let me ask you this; what is it you do that no one else can do?

For example, I could do things like hold Operations accountable, I could do Marketing, I could purchase lumber, or tires for our trucks. Heck, I could even type my own posts (actually, I am typing this myself).

But would those things be the best use of my time as CEO? No one else can make an impact on our culture like me. No one else can spend ‘mountain time’ dreaming and praying about long term direction of the company. No one else has time to research acquisitions or real estate. I’m the only one that can do those things. Besides, there are people here that are better than me at everything else.

So, leader, what’s your list? It could be selling, it could be paying bills, it IS company culture. If you don’t know, ask the people who work with you, and then make a plan to transition into the roles where you will make the most impact as a leader. Remember, you are the one who is ‘ridiculously in charge’.