Wilson Lumber is your No. 1 choice for floor and roof trusses, for residential and commercial applications. Our two truss manufacturing facilities have the capacity to supply trusses for more than 10,000 single- and multi-family homes each year.

Component Framing

Components are hands-down the best way to frame. Why? Because framing a house with floor and roof trusses means you can build faster – 2.5 more houses with the same crew. Also, in today’s busy building environment, coupled with a labor shortage, getting more houses out of your crew is critical to staying on track. Trusses also use 25% less wood product and create significantly less job waste. That’s better for the environment and better for the bottom line. Imagine two identical 2,900 sf homes. One framed conventionally and one built with engineered components. The house framed with trusses was built in less than half the time as traditional stick framing. Who wouldn’t value a house in half the time, or better yet, framing two houses in the same amount of time it currently takes to do one?

Engineered Design

Using state-of-the-art software, our design team can handle any scope of work, specializing in a variety of building types, sizes, and profiles. No job is too complex! Roof trusses can be produced up to 70′ in length, and any height can be accomplished by using multiple piece trusses.

Customer Service

When you buy truss systems from Wilson Lumber, we become part of your team, attending onsite meetings and present throughout your project, from design through installation.

How Trusses Are Made

Go behind the scenes at the Wilson Lumber Truss Plant in Madison, AL, where we're designing and building floor and roof trusses with extreme efficiency, using Mitek Sapphire software and machinery.

What To Expect

Market Leadership

Our teams have the product expertise you can count on - more than 200 years of combined experience!

Pro-active Communication

Our sales team is on your jobsite, keeping you informed about product availability and delivery

Community Commitment

We invest a portion of what you invest in us back into the homebuilding community to keep our industry thriving.

Partners We Trust