Wilson Lumber Company celebrates National Women in Construction Week

By Ryan
Monday, Mar 27th, 2023

Wilson Lumber Company recently hosted their 2nd Annual Women in Construction Event.  This event, which is the only one of its kind in North Alabama included a panel of four local industry women who discussed successes, challenges, and the ability to overcome those in a male dominated industry. They spoke to the crowd of over 60 industry female professionals, representing 11 businesses in the North Alabama home-building community.  

One of those who paved the way early was panelist Sherry Childs, who shared her journey of 22 years in the North Alabama homebuilding community with over $100 million in sales.  Although she endured challenges along the way, she remained driven to learn, to share with other women and grow their presence in the industry. 

Also sitting on the panel was Rachel Brown, a 19-year veteran in North Alabama land development and the founder of Rachel Brown Homes. When asked about her Construction Coaching division, she shared, “it’s about taking my knowledge, taking the love of help, and helping people grow in what they are destined to do in their God-given skills.” 

Completing the panel were Cassy Williamson, Sales & Marketing Manager of Red Door Homes and Andrea Wilson, Interior Designer, and founder and owner of Wilhouse Designs. They each brought their unique stories to how they joined the industry, how they set themselves apart from their male counterparts, and what they do and encourage other women to do as they grow in the industry. 

In speaking to the event, Russ Wilson, one of Wilson Lumber Company’s owners said, “Part of this event is getting the word out to young women to let them know there are plenty of career paths in the building industry they can take.” 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women numbered 10.9% of the entire U.S. construction workforce in 2022. Alabama is one of seven states in the South, where that number continues to grow.  At Wilson Lumber Company the female workforce is well above the national average, representing a whopping 24% female workforce.  

Heather Smith Price, Marketing Specialist at Wilson Lumber set out to create an event that celebrated the impact women have had in the construction field.  “Women are making significant contributions in the construction and building materials industry - more so than any time before - and those successes merit being celebrated. We should recognize and learn from the trailblazers who entered this male-dominated field at a time when it wasn't as acceptable for a woman to be on a job site or to be wielding a hammer. We thank them for paving the way for more women to join the construction industry, and we want to be a part of continuing that growth.” 

Women in Construction 2023 Video Recap

Video recap of the Wilson Lumber Women in Construction Luncheon, held March 9, 2023. Wilson Lumber Company, in Huntsville, Alabama, celebrated Women in Construction Week 2023 with a luncheon attended by more than 60 women working in all aspects of the construction and home building industry. Attendees heard from an expert panel including Rachel Brown, home builder and owner of Rachel Brown Homes; Sherry Childs, building material sales; Cassy Williamson, home sales and marketing; and Andrea Wilson, interior design.