March Madness

By Robb
Wednesday, Mar 20th, 2024

Why do they call it March Madness? A little research on it and I found that at least one outlet gives credit to a guy named Henry V. Porter in 1939 when he wrote about a high-school basketball tournament in Illinois.

Then, in 1982, Brent Musburger borrowed the phrase and attached it to the NCAA basketball tournament.

Still, I wonder who is mad at who?

And then the problem for all employers and schools is, why do they do it during work or school hours? We’ll have the same problem in July when the Olympics begin in Paris. I have the same problem as a Premier League soccer fan as the games are played when it is morning or mid-day here.

It’s a wonderful distraction as we all determine how much leeway to give to our employees (are headphones okay while working?) or to ourselves (I could pull Hulu up on my computer…).

I guess that’s all I have to say about that. After 52 years I have not yet found the right answer here. But I would love your advice. What say you? Hard pass on this, no leeway, no headphones, nothing? Or bring a TV out to the production floor and let everyone pause and watch as they like?