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Living in Uncertain Times

When I wrote last month about the economy being uncertain, I was hoping to be wrong. While there are reasons to be optimistic, uncertainty still seems to rule the day.

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Wilson Lumber Announces Organizational Changes

Wilson Lumber Company is pleased to announce several organizational changes as we continue to grow in Alabama’s fastest-growing housing market. 

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Goal Setting
Setting Company Goals

It feels like trying to set company goals for 2023 is an exercise in futility.

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Robb and Murray
What's the Big Idea?

Begin with a Big Idea and work your way down to what it means in your daily life to ensure you prioritize what is most important and that you stay focused on it.

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Robb Business as a Ministry
The Role of the Leader

What is the leader’s job description? What is it you do that no one else can do?

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You Are 'Ridiculously in Charge' of Your Company Culture

The culture at Wilson Lumber can be healthy, encouraging, and challenging; or it can be depressing and toxic. Either way, we owners are in charge of it.

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Robb Buffalo Trace
How Trust Is Built

When we take our guard down, stop being fake, and just be real with one another, you know what happens? Trust is built.

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Wilson Lumber Receives "Top Tiger" Award

Wilson Lumber has been named a 2021-22 Top Tiger by Auburn University and the Harbert College of Business.

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Suppliers Are People Too

It’s easy to think, especially in the last 24 months, that a supplier is someone who calls you just to tell you how much your price is going up or which products you ordered are not coming.

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People Are What Matter

People are what matter. Not people are number one and profit is number two. People are number one, everything else pales in comparison.

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Doing Business for God's Glory

‘Christlike principles’ is a much better base for decision making than the whims of how I’m feeling at the moment. And I’ve found that doing business for God’s glory is way more fun than doing it for my glory.

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Russ Wilson
Owner Spotlight: Russ Wilson

A bottle of Coca-Cola at Wilson Lumber cost only 35 cents when Russ Wilson started working here circa 1989.

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